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Purpose 194: Equipped for God’s Work through Obedience with Jane Morin

Welcome, Roar Nation! I’m thrilled to be back with another great guest who knows what it means to equip others to serve Christ and know their personal identity in Him. Her life and ministry revolve around the ministries of equipping and helping others find deliverance. Join us to learn more!

Jane Morin is the founder of the Jane Morin Evangelical Association, SOAR Texas Women’s Events, and Bound No More, an inner healing and deliverance ministry. She is the podcast host of The Secret Place and is an award-winning author of several books. She has worked in deliverance ministry for over 20 years and is a revivalist, songwriter, and a worship artist. Jane shares her origin story of growing up in an alcoholic and abusive home that was full of dysfunction, along with the unfathomable events that culminated in her brother’s death and her mother’s suicide. Jane refers to that crisis as a milestone that showed her how desperately she needed Jesus in her life. Even though she was secure in Jesus, life was difficult with the baggage she carried from her past and her own 19-year abusive marriage that brought her four children. Counseling has helped her heal from those wounds and move forward in her ministry, grounding herself with the message of Joshua 1:9, her life verse. 

Jane explains the dangers of a prideful heart in God’s ministry, what it means to trust God with your shame and guilt, and what holds most people back from following Christ. She shares some of her milestone moments in life and ministry, why she is sure about what God has called her to be, and how God specifically called her to speak life in Odessa, Texas. Jane wraps up by explaining what advice she would give her younger self about being obedient to God. Her message to every listener is that God will use your life if you just follow Him in obedience and trust His plan for your life.  


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Purpose 193: Who We Are and Who We Are Called to Be in Christ with Robert Burton

Hey, Roar Nation! I’m happy to be back with you for another episode! We are focusing on the revelation of who we are in Christ and who we are called to be in this world. This concept will change your life! Are you living as an orphan in this world or as a true Son of the King? Join us for this encouraging conversation with today’s guest.

Robert Burton is the pastor of YES LORD Amarillo. He works with drug addicts and the homeless, people he calls “the least, the last, and the lost,” believing God has called him to this work to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus. He’s been married to his high school sweetheart for almost 30 years, and they have two daughters. His wife joins him in kingdom work, passionately teaching people about their true identity in the Lord. Robert looks for opportunities every day to tell people about their identity in Christ and break their “orphan spirit” with the Good News. 

Robert tells the story of his personal orphan spirit, wrecked home life, total rejection of Jesus, and early alcohol addiction. A radical encounter with Jesus in 1997 in his early twenties turned his life around, changed his habits, cleaned up his life, and plunged him into God’s Word. Becoming a father to his first daughter gave him the truest picture of God’s love as a Father and propelled him forward into youth ministry, working with a rough and rowdy group of boys who needed to know God’s love. Every step in Robert’s journey has confirmed his identity in Christ as a son and a vessel to bring His love to others, even though he has had ups and downs as a pastor. Like all of us, he has been through ministry missteps and failures that left him broken, angry, bitter, and wounded. He shares his lessons learned about trusting God when you are crushed and broken, along with what it means to have compassion and choose forgiveness. 

At the core of Robert’s message and ministry is the change that Jesus brings to broken and wasted lives. He pursues the unlovable with the message of God’s love as a faithful, compassionate Father. Listen in to hear the story of God’s amazing work in Robert’s life and ministry!


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Purpose 192: ROAR Revival with Ryan and Cher Butler

Hello, Roar Nation! It’s been a while–over a year since we have been in the studio to record again after all the madness and mayhem of COVID. We are here now, ready to re-launch the podcast with riveting discussions on marriage, family, business, and more! 

We are thrilled to welcome to the studio Cher Butler and her husband, Ryan. Cher is here to share the moving story of her unusual life and to tell us about the upcoming ROAR Revival in Amarillo, Texas, where we are ready for God to show up in a mighty way. It’s coming soon on July 9, so listen in to learn more!

You’ll be touched by Cher’s story of being abandoned as a child and later adopted into an unusual family with diverse spiritual influences. As Cher grew up, she dabbled in many destructive things that could never satisfy, always seeking to prove her worth. Her personal encounter with Jesus at age 19 set her on a new path, which included an obsession with reading the Bible to learn more–and an alcohol problem. Even though it took years on the journey to be delivered from her demons, she lives now in a fired-up state, ready to see radical revival across our nation and to experience God’s great work. Visit Cher’s website to learn more about I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries. 


Connect with Cher:  

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Purpose 191: God of Miracles with Jon and Kasey Fuller

On today’s episode of Are You Real, Jon and his wife, Kasey, address the subject of faith, which is one of the five topics they enjoy covering: faith, family, fitness, fun, and finances.

Listen in to their poignant backstories, the inspiring narrative of how they each came to meet the God of miracles, and how He has worked in and through them throughout the years.

You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be deserving, you don’t have to know God in a certain way in order to receive His blessings. You’ll hear lessons about resiliency, obedience, healing, and trust, in testimony after testimony of God’s goodness. What’s more, Jon and Kasey want you to know that God has answers for whatever circumstances YOU’RE going through right now!

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Purpose 190: From Pro Baseball player to Pro Marketing Specialist with Zach Lush

Jon is back today with his guest, Zach Lush, to discuss building business, the entrepreneurial burnout Zach experienced, and how he found his niche in teaching others successful marketing strategies.

Zach also details his “Pilot Program”, which teaches small business owners the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Zach Lush is a father, entrepreneur, business owner, and former professional athlete. For 14 years, he ran a sports performance facility for athletes, and the last 5 years, he’s been in the specialty division marketing business.

Join Jon and Zach in this inspirational conversation that covers faith, family, and looking forward!

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