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206: Understanding Deliverance with Kasey Fuller and Cher Butler

Today’s topic is deliverance, which you’ve heard us discuss often in recent episodes. We want to break it down in a practical way for those who may have limited understanding or no understanding of this topic. Join us!

Kasey and Cher begin with a discussion of how our flesh (human nature) affects our souls when temptation comes our way. We have to take the necessary steps to crucify the flesh and consecrate ourselves to the Lord by turning away from sin, putting aside what the flesh wants, and staying in the Word of God. This means closing the door to the flesh, sin, and demonic spirits. God’s goal is always that we have freedom in Him, and the Devil’s goal is to dominate people. Jesus makes it clear in Luke 10:19 that our authority over the enemy comes only by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Because Jesus has compassion for us, He heals, casts out demons, and delivers us. He wants our complete healing!

The ladies explain the upcoming Bound No More Inner Healing and Deliverance Summit scheduled at Kingdom’s Gate Apostolic Center in Andrews, Texas, on December 2. Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we have access to deliverance if we come into agreement with God’s Word on it; we have to study and understand the scriptures that teach us about our very real enemy and promise our deliverance. The power of God is real, as shown by the powerful, impactful real-life examples that Kasey and Cher share. This episode wraps up with a reminder of the capabilities of those who believe in Jesus’ name from Mark 16:17-18. 


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205: Kingdom Business with Tyler Frick

I’m thrilled to have my friend Tyler Frick on the podcast today. Although we’ve known each other for a short time, he’s like a brother to me, as we share common interests in ministry and business. Tyler, the founder of the Kings Company since July 2018, focuses on raising Kingdom-minded leaders globally. They train in spiritual aspects like prophetic and deliverance ministry, having impacted over 15,000 clients and students in five years.

Tyler emphasizes that Kingdom-minded leaders prioritize Jesus over fame and often face religious and political challenges. Despite this, they remain committed to their mission. He also addresses the effectiveness of online ministry, sharing his success in reaching thousands through digital platforms, which he compares to the limited geographic reach of Jesus and his disciples. Tyler’s team, some with him for over five years, have seen tangible results, with students now leading churches and engaging in missionary work. Despite skepticism about online ministry, Tyler stands by its impact, evidenced by the lives changed and communities formed.

Reflecting on his journey, Tyler shares how he overcame personal challenges to establish his ministry. He aims to inspire others with his story, showing that anyone can rise from humble beginnings to make a significant impact in the world for Christ.



204: Narcissism In The Church

Today’s show is about narcissism in the church. It’s something we are seeing more and more, and we need to identify what narcissism is and what it looks like when it operates in the church. Join us as Kasey and Cher dive into this topic!

We define narcissism as “a personality disorder consisting of a pervasive pattern of grandiosity in fantasy or behavior, a constant need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.” As we discuss three types of narcissism, we need to understand that it is a real disorder that needs to be healed in order to have a healthy church environment. Kasey and Cher describe how narcissism is the exact opposite of the personality of Jesus, but it aligns perfectly with what we know about Satan. That in itself should assure us that narcissism has no place in the lives of God’s people. 

It’s important to realize that narcissism in the church may look different than it does out in the world. Kasey and Cher explain how narcissism shows up in behaviors of manipulation and control, being above everyone else, and having a constant need for admiration. In every way, it goes against the humility we are called to exhibit. We must remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual darkness and demonic powers. As we stand against the elements of narcissism in our families and our parenting, we should teach our kids about humility, accountability, and empathy to help guard their hearts against narcissism. 

How do we handle narcissism when we see it in the church? We should cover it in prayer and follow the biblical mandate set forth in Matthew 23 to confront it with the goal of resolution and restoration to unity in the body of Christ. Kasey and Cher close out this episode with a prayer for wisdom to help us stand against the spirit of narcissism and the kingdom of darkness. Today’s verse is Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you.” 


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203: Are You Under a Curse with Kasey Fuller and Cher Butler

Our topic today is generational curses. Could there be a more relevant time than late October to address this issue? What powers of darkness are you inviting into your home and family with Halloween traditions? We need to focus on what is happening in the spirit realm and keep ourselves pure and clean as believers. We must know how to position ourselves to fight in the spirit realm against what’s going on in our culture. Join us to learn more!

Cher begins by defining a curse as “an invisible barrier that blocks you from the blessing of God.” A curse can be self-imposed, of your own doing, or a generational curse, which trickles down through your ancestral line because of the actions of those before you. Kasey explains that we can give a “legal right” to our enemy, Satan, to bring a curse to our lives, but this is not the same thing as being possessed by a demon. “Jesus defeated the power of Satan but not the presence of Satan.” Many passages in Deuteronomy have much to say about blessings and curses–and how they come into our lives. 

Cher and Kasey teach us about the positional and relational blessings that we have in Christ, and how a curse can block those relational blessings. The six ways that we can come under a curse are: generationally, idle words, cursed objects, disobedience, occult activity, and turning against Israel. The ladies explain how we can take a stand to be “bloodline breakers” of generational curses and the nine indicators (from Deuteronomy 28) that we could be under a curse. They wrap up the episode by urging us to repent and renounce the curse in agreement with the Holy Spirit and by praying that listeners would walk in the filling of the Holy Spirit and God’s goodness. Today’s verse is Deuteronomy 30:19. 


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202: Developing Godly Character with Kasey Fuller & Cher Butler

In thispodcast episode, we dive deep into the significance of developing godly character. We define character as the combination of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that form one’s personality.

We emphasize the crucial role of fostering an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, referencing Isaiah 64:8 to illustrate God as the potter who molds us, the clay. Through sharing personal stories, we reflect on our spiritual journeys and the evolution of our characters. A major concern we discuss is the evident lack of godly character within church leadership.

We offer practical advice on nurturing godly character, touching on reading the Bible, surrounding oneself with like-minded friends, having relationships grounded in accountability, heeding the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and addressing the root causes of negative behaviors. We also hint at an upcoming series focused on spiritual deliverance, highlighting the spiritual nuances of character development.


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