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Purpose 190: From Pro Baseball player to Pro Marketing Specialist with Zach Lush

Jon is back today with his guest, Zach Lush, to discuss building business, the entrepreneurial burnout Zach experienced, and how he found his niche in teaching others successful marketing strategies. Zach also details his “Pilot Program”, which teaches small business owners the fundamentals of digital marketing. Zach Lush is a father, entrepreneur,

Purpose 187: Living A thriving Life Through Forgiveness with Derek Stone

On today’s episode, Jon sits down with Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring, to talk about getting men involved in the church.A lot of men get on a career track and figure to make up for lost time at home and church later. They feel like they’re doing what they’re “supposed” to do, instead of what they’re “called” to do, but when you’re off-purpose, it’s exhausting.


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