205: Kingdom Business with Tyler Frick

I’m thrilled to have my friend Tyler Frick on the podcast today. Although we’ve known each other for a short time, he’s like a brother to me, as we share common interests in ministry and business. Tyler, the founder of the Kings Company since July 2018, focuses on raising Kingdom-minded leaders globally. They train in spiritual aspects like prophetic and deliverance ministry, having impacted over 15,000 clients and students in five years.

Tyler emphasizes that Kingdom-minded leaders prioritize Jesus over fame and often face religious and political challenges. Despite this, they remain committed to their mission. He also addresses the effectiveness of online ministry, sharing his success in reaching thousands through digital platforms, which he compares to the limited geographic reach of Jesus and his disciples. Tyler’s team, some with him for over five years, have seen tangible results, with students now leading churches and engaging in missionary work. Despite skepticism about online ministry, Tyler stands by its impact, evidenced by the lives changed and communities formed.

Reflecting on his journey, Tyler shares how he overcame personal challenges to establish his ministry. He aims to inspire others with his story, showing that anyone can rise from humble beginnings to make a significant impact in the world for Christ.



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