206: Understanding Deliverance with Kasey Fuller and Cher Butler

Today’s topic is deliverance, which you’ve heard us discuss often in recent episodes. We want to break it down in a practical way for those who may have limited understanding or no understanding of this topic. Join us!

Kasey and Cher begin with a discussion of how our flesh (human nature) affects our souls when temptation comes our way. We have to take the necessary steps to crucify the flesh and consecrate ourselves to the Lord by turning away from sin, putting aside what the flesh wants, and staying in the Word of God. This means closing the door to the flesh, sin, and demonic spirits. God’s goal is always that we have freedom in Him, and the Devil’s goal is to dominate people. Jesus makes it clear in Luke 10:19 that our authority over the enemy comes only by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Because Jesus has compassion for us, He heals, casts out demons, and delivers us. He wants our complete healing!

The ladies explain the upcoming Bound No More Inner Healing and Deliverance Summit scheduled at Kingdom’s Gate Apostolic Center in Andrews, Texas, on December 2. Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we have access to deliverance if we come into agreement with God’s Word on it; we have to study and understand the scriptures that teach us about our very real enemy and promise our deliverance. The power of God is real, as shown by the powerful, impactful real-life examples that Kasey and Cher share. This episode wraps up with a reminder of the capabilities of those who believe in Jesus’ name from Mark 16:17-18. 


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