202: Developing Godly Character with Kasey Fuller & Cher Butler

In thispodcast episode, we dive deep into the significance of developing godly character. We define character as the combination of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that form one’s personality.

We emphasize the crucial role of fostering an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, referencing Isaiah 64:8 to illustrate God as the potter who molds us, the clay. Through sharing personal stories, we reflect on our spiritual journeys and the evolution of our characters. A major concern we discuss is the evident lack of godly character within church leadership.

We offer practical advice on nurturing godly character, touching on reading the Bible, surrounding oneself with like-minded friends, having relationships grounded in accountability, heeding the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and addressing the root causes of negative behaviors. We also hint at an upcoming series focused on spiritual deliverance, highlighting the spiritual nuances of character development.

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