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Are You Real, host Jon Fuller interviews inspiring men and women of faith as they share each week how they are making a difference in the seven cultural mountains. These include; Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Business, and Arts & Entertainment. I’m ready more than ever before to see a shift in our culture as others take steps to discover their gifts, and be catapulted into their destiny. You are going to hear amazing stories about how others have found their purpose and are making a difference in the world around them. I can’t wait to hear your story unfold as well!.



211: The Faith Code with Terry Brisbane

Hey, Roar Nation! Jon Fuller here for today’s episode as we cover three of my favorite subjects: faith, business, and entrepreneurship. I’m joined by Terry Brisbane, the lead pastor at Cornerstone Church in San Francisco. Terry started at Cornerstone as a youth minister and later took over as lead pastor

210: In The Waiting with Cher Butler and Kasey Fuller

We are so excited about this show because it’s all about Cher Butler’s new book, In The Waiting: The Journey Between the Wilderness and the Promised Land. This book is for women, men, and anyone in business or ministry; it applies to every person because we all encounter seasons of

208: Embracing Spiritual Freedom with Dr. Gary Lawrence

When we embrace spiritual freedom, God can bring wholeness and completeness into our lives, and this makes all the difference in our marriages. Today’s guest has vast experience and wisdom about what it takes to heal and rebuild a marriage between two broken people. Join us to learn more! Dr. Gary

207: Soul Care and Biblical Counseling with Rush Witt

 Welcome, Roar Nation! We are covering meaty topics in today’s conversation, most notably how Jesus manifests His love for us in the care of our souls and why the Church often falls short in the counseling arena. Jon is joined by Rush Witt, the lead pastor of Paramount Church in


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