203: Are You Under a Curse with Kasey Fuller and Cher Butler

Our topic today is generational curses. Could there be a more relevant time than late October to address this issue? What powers of darkness are you inviting into your home and family with Halloween traditions? We need to focus on what is happening in the spirit realm and keep ourselves pure and clean as believers. We must know how to position ourselves to fight in the spirit realm against what’s going on in our culture. Join us to learn more!

Cher begins by defining a curse as “an invisible barrier that blocks you from the blessing of God.” A curse can be self-imposed, of your own doing, or a generational curse, which trickles down through your ancestral line because of the actions of those before you. Kasey explains that we can give a “legal right” to our enemy, Satan, to bring a curse to our lives, but this is not the same thing as being possessed by a demon. “Jesus defeated the power of Satan but not the presence of Satan.” Many passages in Deuteronomy have much to say about blessings and curses–and how they come into our lives. 

Cher and Kasey teach us about the positional and relational blessings that we have in Christ, and how a curse can block those relational blessings. The six ways that we can come under a curse are: generationally, idle words, cursed objects, disobedience, occult activity, and turning against Israel. The ladies explain how we can take a stand to be “bloodline breakers” of generational curses and the nine indicators (from Deuteronomy 28) that we could be under a curse. They wrap up the episode by urging us to repent and renounce the curse in agreement with the Holy Spirit and by praying that listeners would walk in the filling of the Holy Spirit and God’s goodness. Today’s verse is Deuteronomy 30:19. 


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By Beth Roberts - 6 November 2023 Reply

Are there any books you can recommend for further exploration and research on curses and breaking curses? I feel very convicted by this podcast. I prayed the prayer but feel like I need to do more to break the curses I identified with.

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