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211: The Faith Code with Terry Brisbane

Hey, Roar Nation! Jon Fuller here for today’s episode as we cover three of my favorite subjects: faith, business, and entrepreneurship. I’m joined by Terry Brisbane, the lead pastor at Cornerstone Church in San Francisco. Terry started at Cornerstone as a youth minister and later took over as lead pastor for his grandfather, the church’s founding pastor. As a native San Franciscoan, Terry understands why the city presents unique challenges when it comes to reaching people for Christ and proclaiming the message of Jesus. He has co-authored The Faith Code with Rusty Rueff. The book is for people with a biblical hunger to learn more about Jesus and His teachings, specifically applying them to business and entrepreneurship. 

Jon and Terry begin by discussing how Luke 22:32-33 are pivotal life scripture verses for Terry’s ministry and his efforts to strengthen his brethren in Christ. Terry describes how he was raised in church being greatly influenced by his grandfather’s pastoral ministry, but didn’t meet Jesus personally and find his “center court” until his high school years. That moment became the impetus for his life of ministry and serving with his grandfather in the church. Terry explains the importance of yielding to authority, using authority with humility, and submitting to God’s authority as we walk in alignment with His will for our lives. 

In an overview of The Faith Code, Terry shares how the book was birthed from a burden to connect faith and work with biblical principles. The book explains how our identity is formed by the different cultures we encounter, with Jesus as the ultimate model in how He formed his leadership team of disciples and apostles. The “faith code” begins in our lives with the foundation we stand upon, and we must be sure that it is not dictated by the culture around us but by our identity in Christ. Terry wraps up with his best advice to his younger self and his admonition to listeners to stay in love with Jesus. 



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210: In The Waiting with Cher Butler and Kasey Fuller

We are so excited about this show because it’s all about Cher Butler’s new book, In The Waiting: The Journey Between the Wilderness and the Promised Land. This book is for women, men, and anyone in business or ministry; it applies to every person because we all encounter seasons of waiting in our lives. Waiting, for a believer, can be defined as a period in our lives where we are waiting on God’s guidance for answers and the fulfillment of His promises. 


Cher expounds on the book and how it addresses the seasons of waiting, along with how God worked in her life over recent years leading up to the writing of the book. The times of waiting may feel like we are wandering in the wilderness like the children of Israel, but the waiting is what prepares us for our Promised Land. There is glory in the waiting and there are miracles in the waiting. It’s a time that we cannot overlook because it plays a big part in our refinement, character-building, and our training as Christ-followers. 


Cher shares many scriptural and real-life examples of people who had their season of waiting, and she explains why we can’t skip the process God has for us even though we get impatient. He is always in control, He doesn’t forget us, and He is always sovereign! We only have to yield and trust Him. Cher gives advice to those who find themselves in the waiting right now, and Kasey encourages listeners to have boldness and confidence in God’s plan according to the promises found in Proverbs 3:5-6 and Romans 8:28. 


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209: What are Spiritual Gifts with Kasey Fuller & Cher Butler

Today’s show is about the very important, and often misunderstood, topic of spiritual gifts. These are gifts that we can access through the power of the Holy Spirit, but many believers don’t understand how the gifts function and how God uses them in our everyday lives. Our key scripture, I Corinthians 12:7-11, is the basis for today’s discussion. We must understand that these gifts cannot be earned, but they are given to us by God at His discretion, and we receive them by faith. 

Cher begins by defining spiritual gifts as “the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit working through God’s people to bring forth His divine nature in glory on the earth.” She explains why listeners should see a red flag if their church does not teach about spiritual gifts. Kasey explains how spiritual gifts were promised to believers by Jesus Himself, as He spoke about them in the Upper Room and when He gave the Great Commission, adding that He would leave His followers with something better. The Spirit’s presence comes like a rushing wind and makes us an equipped army for kingdom work. 

Cher and Kasey continue with a detailed look at the nine spiritual gifts with scriptural and real-life examples; some gifts reveal something or speak something, and others enable a believer to do something. As a believer walks closely with the Lord and yields to the Holy Spirit,  multiple spiritual gifts can be displayed in their lives. The discussion ends with a look at I Corinthians 2:14-16 and a prayer for listeners to experience the fullness of spiritual gifts to have spiritual strength and unity against our enemy through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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208: Embracing Spiritual Freedom with Dr. Gary Lawrence

When we embrace spiritual freedom, God can bring wholeness and completeness into our lives, and this makes all the difference in our marriages. Today’s guest has vast experience and wisdom about what it takes to heal and rebuild a marriage between two broken people. Join us to learn more!

Dr. Gary Lawrence is the founder and director of New Life Dynamic Christian Counseling Center, and he hosted a radio show for 20 years. With Life Mastery Counseling, he has personally coached thousands of people, and he’s the Amazon bestselling author of Rejection Junkies: The Hidden Addiction Everyone Suffers. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment is his marriage of over 55 years to his wife, Sylvia. 

From being raised in a home with alcoholism, abuse, and no acknowledgment of God’s existence, Gary was saved at age 20 and called to preach just a few weeks later. His path led to Bible college, an initial pastorate in northern Minnesota, and more ministry work in Canada before he started a Christian counseling center. He began helping marriages and families while figuring out how to save his own marriage from the trauma of past abuse and a “root of bitterness.” Learning how to embrace spiritual freedom, completeness, and true forgiveness helped Gary develop his “emotional surgery” counseling techniques that have helped thousands of couples rebuild their marriages through the work of the Holy Spirit. Gary explains how every man can have a solid and thriving marriage by learning to prioritize his wife’s needs above his own. Jon and Gary wrap up the conversation with Gary’s best advice to his younger self and Jon’s prayer over Dr. Gary’s life, health, family, and ministry. 


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207: Soul Care and Biblical Counseling with Rush Witt

Welcome, Roar Nation! We are covering meaty topics in today’s conversation, most notably how Jesus manifests His love for us in the care of our souls and why the Church often falls short in the counseling arena. Jon is joined by Rush Witt, the lead pastor of Paramount Church in Bexley, Ohio, which he planted 11 years ago. He and his wife are homeschooling parents of five kids, ranging from 8-19 years old. Rush has written several books, and he regularly partners with New Growth Press in the publishing industry. 

Rush gives us a glimpse into his background and how he came to know Christ at a Christian basketball camp in 1995, soon feeling God’s clear call into ministry. From his personal experience, Rush explains how God is most glorified when our hearts seek ultimate happiness in Him and how we experience “soul care” as we grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

Jon and Rush discuss the void in the Church regarding biblical counseling, loosely defined as “a ministry which brings Christ and His answers into the areas of our lives where we struggle to understand.” Rush outlines his passion for Christian counseling and why he partnered with New Growth Press and Lifeway to help produce the Life Counsel Bible. This unique Bible helps meet the counseling needs and bridges the gap in the Christian community in dealing with the hardest issues. With any struggle we seek to overcome, we can’t look for the “quick fix” but have to trust the process of falling in love with Jesus to bring our healing and transformation. Jon closes the conversation by asking Rush about a time when he felt most desperate for God to show up, his strengths and weaknesses, and what he would say to his younger self. Rush’s parting advice is for us to stop “thinking small” in light of the infinite God who lives in us, to give ourselves grace, and to invite God into our stories and journeys. 


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