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199: Setting Boundaries, Part 2

This conversation is a follow-up to our previous episode about setting boundaries. Within this topic, Kasey and Cher have covered some very practical topics that are relevant to everyone at some point in their lives, and they are diving deeper in discussing boundaries in today’s show. Join us!

Good boundaries benefit the body, soul, and spirit, and boundaries were first established by God. The enemy and the world always seek to blur the boundary lines that God has set, but we should live to God’s standards and not our own. We cannot trust ourselves to “self-regulate,” but we need to align our thinking with God’s and let Him renew our minds. 

Kasey and Cher talk in detail about the boundaries we need concerning entertainment, sports, fitness/exercise, and sexuality within marriage. In all of these areas, our lack of boundaries will give Satan an open door for destruction and feed the spirits of darkness and depression. Is your heart a place where darkness reigns or where the Holy Spirit is welcome? When we allow modern society to “muddy the waters” of our thinking about sensitive topics like sexual molestation/predation and gender transitioning of children, we are forsaking the boundaries that God has given us for our protection. As God’s children, we are never designed to function apart from the Holy Spirit, but many times we choose to live according to our own boundaries and go our own way.  


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198: Setting Boundaries with Kasey Fuller & Cher Butler

In our previous episode, we discussed the importance of stewarding the relationships in our lives. Part of healthy relationships is in setting boundaries, and that’s our focus for today’s show. A boundary is defined as a line that marks the limits of an area or a dividing line. Boundaries aren’t always easy to set and maintain, but they are important and God-ordained. Join us for the conversation with Kasey and Cher.

Most of the boundaries we set are learned through trial and error, and they are Biblical. Even Jesus set boundaries in His earthly life! Kasey and Cher discuss how a lack of boundaries can destroy your life, hurt your marriage, and negatively affect your children. In a marriage, boundaries must be established to protect mutual trust, security, and honesty. Each couple has to navigate around their unique issues and be sensitive to one another in setting boundaries that honor the needs of both husband and wife. Those in Christian ministry work usually find it difficult to set and maintain boundaries, but they are necessary. None of us are perfect in this work of setting boundaries, so when boundaries in relationships are broken, grace and open communication are essential to restore trust. 

We need boundaries in our friendships, making sure to prioritize and protect our marriages,  families, and relationship to God. Setting personal boundaries regarding the places we go, what we watch, and what we listen to are vital in maintaining our relationship to God. We must be careful about what we take into our minds and hearts so as not to give the enemy a foothold in our lives. Kasey and Cher wrap up today’s discussion with prayers for new hope, restoration, and realignment with boundaries that set us on the path of God’s direction and purpose in our lives. 


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Mentioned in this episode: The Secrets to Deliverance by Alexander Pagani

197: Properly Stewarding Relationships with Kasey Fuller & Cher Butler

How are your relationships? The relationships we have with others form the backbone of our lives, both at home and at work. We talk a lot about the “Fuller Five” in our lives: faith, family, fitness, fun, and finances, and this topic of relationships fits perfectly into that structure. We are focusing the podcast on these important areas in which we all want to grow and learn more so we can properly steward the things God has placed in our lives. Today’s show covers ways we can cultivate and guard our most important relationships to be better spouses, parents, friends, and coworkers. I’m excited to be joined again by Cher Butler for this conversation!

The marriage relationship is the most important one we can have in this earthly life. Kasey and Cher discuss the importance of walking with love and respect with your spouse, always looking to “outserve” each other, along with keeping an attitude of teamwork to help the family flourish and grow. Because we have a spiritual enemy who is out to destroy marriages, it’s important to keep dating your spouse–always! Even for those in ministry, keeping a “family first” mentality will form a solid foundation for your life and work. 

God loans our children to us, and we must have balance in our parenting techniques. We offer our kids solutions to life’s challenges as they grow up, and things change drastically when they become adults. Cher describes how she and her husband are parenting through the adolescent and teenage years, and Kasey shares how she partners with God in prayer to stand on His scriptural promises in surrendering her adult children to His care–and standing on His promises.  

With other family members, we have to remember that boundaries are sometimes necessary to guard our hearts and mental health from toxic relationships. In friendships, we should evaluate our inner circle and ask God, “How can I be your hands and feet to the people you’ve placed in my inner circle?” To have good workplace relationships, we should strive to honor each other and focus on a teamwork mindset that holds space for everyone’s strengths to shine. 



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196: Navigating Times Of Transition with Kasey Fuller and Cher Butler

Are you in a time of transition? Today’s show takes a closer look at how life, leadership, and ministry bring these seasons and how we can navigate them with grace and strength. Kasey Fuller is joined by Cher Butler, a ministry partner who has appeared on previous episodes of the podcast.

Cher is the president of I Will Not Keep Silent (IWNKS) Ministries, a nonprofit ministry focused on inner healing and deliverance through classes, revivals, preaching, and speaking. Cher and IWNKS have exciting upcoming classes for churches and communities in their mentoring and discipleship mission, and Cher will be joining R U Real with special series episodes and helping us with hosting duties. Welcome to Cher!

Today’s discussion is about those times of transition that can be good, exciting, and challenging–all at the same time. Cher explains that a transition is simply a time of change, or realignment, and what the signs are of those transitions. God speaks through different means to give us confirmation when we walk through transitions, even though those times may feel like rejection and discomfort.

Kasey and Cher discuss some scriptural examples of people who navigated difficult transitions, like Joseph and Peter. We must realize that, within God’s plan, times will come when He moves us to accomplish His purpose and will. Cher says, “The prophetic destiny of your life is still going to come to pass, even if it doesn’t look the way you thought it would.” Character-building events come in the seasons of transition so we can step with confidence into the places God calls us.


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195: From Selling Dope to Selling Hope with Ryan Goldsmith

In this episode, Ryan Goldsmith, a local business owner, and entrepreneur with a heart for prison ministry. He shares his journey from growing up in Pampa, Texas, to getting caught up in the wrong crowd at the age of 13 and spiraling down into drug addiction and the street life. Ryan talks candidly about his past, including being sent to a juvenile detention center, serving time in an inpatient rehab program, and even being busted for manufacturing and delivering drugs. But Ryan’s story doesn’t end there. Listen in as he shares how he turned his life around, started a landscaping business, and found purpose in his faith. This is a must-listen episode for anyone looking for inspiration and hope in the face of adversity.


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