210: In The Waiting with Cher Butler and Kasey Fuller

We are so excited about this show because it’s all about Cher Butler’s new book, In The Waiting: The Journey Between the Wilderness and the Promised Land. This book is for women, men, and anyone in business or ministry; it applies to every person because we all encounter seasons of waiting in our lives. Waiting, for a believer, can be defined as a period in our lives where we are waiting on God’s guidance for answers and the fulfillment of His promises. 


Cher expounds on the book and how it addresses the seasons of waiting, along with how God worked in her life over recent years leading up to the writing of the book. The times of waiting may feel like we are wandering in the wilderness like the children of Israel, but the waiting is what prepares us for our Promised Land. There is glory in the waiting and there are miracles in the waiting. It’s a time that we cannot overlook because it plays a big part in our refinement, character-building, and our training as Christ-followers. 


Cher shares many scriptural and real-life examples of people who had their season of waiting, and she explains why we can’t skip the process God has for us even though we get impatient. He is always in control, He doesn’t forget us, and He is always sovereign! We only have to yield and trust Him. Cher gives advice to those who find themselves in the waiting right now, and Kasey encourages listeners to have boldness and confidence in God’s plan according to the promises found in Proverbs 3:5-6 and Romans 8:28. 


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