211: The Faith Code with Terry Brisbane

Hey, Roar Nation! Jon Fuller here for today’s episode as we cover three of my favorite subjects: faith, business, and entrepreneurship. I’m joined by Terry Brisbane, the lead pastor at Cornerstone Church in San Francisco. Terry started at Cornerstone as a youth minister and later took over as lead pastor for his grandfather, the church’s founding pastor. As a native San Franciscoan, Terry understands why the city presents unique challenges when it comes to reaching people for Christ and proclaiming the message of Jesus. He has co-authored The Faith Code with Rusty Rueff. The book is for people with a biblical hunger to learn more about Jesus and His teachings, specifically applying them to business and entrepreneurship. 

Jon and Terry begin by discussing how Luke 22:32-33 are pivotal life scripture verses for Terry’s ministry and his efforts to strengthen his brethren in Christ. Terry describes how he was raised in church being greatly influenced by his grandfather’s pastoral ministry, but didn’t meet Jesus personally and find his “center court” until his high school years. That moment became the impetus for his life of ministry and serving with his grandfather in the church. Terry explains the importance of yielding to authority, using authority with humility, and submitting to God’s authority as we walk in alignment with His will for our lives. 

In an overview of The Faith Code, Terry shares how the book was birthed from a burden to connect faith and work with biblical principles. The book explains how our identity is formed by the different cultures we encounter, with Jesus as the ultimate model in how He formed his leadership team of disciples and apostles. The “faith code” begins in our lives with the foundation we stand upon, and we must be sure that it is not dictated by the culture around us but by our identity in Christ. Terry wraps up with his best advice to his younger self and his admonition to listeners to stay in love with Jesus. 



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