208: Embracing Spiritual Freedom with Dr. Gary Lawrence

When we embrace spiritual freedom, God can bring wholeness and completeness into our lives, and this makes all the difference in our marriages. Today’s guest has vast experience and wisdom about what it takes to heal and rebuild a marriage between two broken people. Join us to learn more!

Dr. Gary Lawrence is the founder and director of New Life Dynamic Christian Counseling Center, and he hosted a radio show for 20 years. With Life Mastery Counseling, he has personally coached thousands of people, and he’s the Amazon bestselling author of Rejection Junkies: The Hidden Addiction Everyone Suffers. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment is his marriage of over 55 years to his wife, Sylvia. 

From being raised in a home with alcoholism, abuse, and no acknowledgment of God’s existence, Gary was saved at age 20 and called to preach just a few weeks later. His path led to Bible college, an initial pastorate in northern Minnesota, and more ministry work in Canada before he started a Christian counseling center. He began helping marriages and families while figuring out how to save his own marriage from the trauma of past abuse and a “root of bitterness.” Learning how to embrace spiritual freedom, completeness, and true forgiveness helped Gary develop his “emotional surgery” counseling techniques that have helped thousands of couples rebuild their marriages through the work of the Holy Spirit. Gary explains how every man can have a solid and thriving marriage by learning to prioritize his wife’s needs above his own. Jon and Gary wrap up the conversation with Gary’s best advice to his younger self and Jon’s prayer over Dr. Gary’s life, health, family, and ministry. 


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