Purpose 154: How To Turn Your Passion Into A Profit with Jennifer Allwood

Are you struggling to monetize your online business? My guest today might be just the person you need to meet. Jennifer Allwood is a wife, mother, dynamic business coach, and host of The Jennifer Allwood Show podcast. She uses her infectious enthusiasm to help creative women build their social media platforms and turn their talents and hobbies into lucrative online businesses. After working a desk job that was quickly pushing her to an early grave, Jennifer owned a decorative painting business before discovering the potential of the online space. She began creating courses to teach ways to make money online, and she now coaches over 3000 women each month. Jennifer shares advice about using the “thing” inside of you to make money with the right formula of your passion, your talent, and the need. She tells us how she relies on God to help her with pricing bids, how she balances the aspects of her busy life, and how a 1-½ minute conversation with Dave Ramsey gave her hope and changed her life. Jennifer wraps up our riveting conversation with advice about doing what you are supposed to do, regardless of your feelings, and why you can’t have it all.


Jennifer Allwood

Find Jennifer’s devotional for business owners:  Jennifer Allwood

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