Purpose 153: Catalyst Wealth Planning with Frances McKay

Today’s guest is Frances Mckay, a certified financial planner who specializes in life-centered financial planning for women in the STEM field. She’s a mother and grandmother who helps people with retirement planning and asset management. A few years ago, Frances was a chemical engineer who worked 70-80 hours each week, traveled frequently, and was miserable with making absolutely no contribution to her home. She made the career switch to financial planning, and her life changed drastically in every way, making her wish she had made the change years earlier. Frances shares key financial tips, her unique perspective on tithing, and how she balances her business, family, and daily walk with God. She leaves us with parting advice to get serious about taking control of our financial future and stop avoiding the topic of money. Join us to hear more about Frances, her work, and how you can gain access to her courses through her membership site.


Faith-Based Financial Wellness

Frances’ membership site gives you full access for 12 months for the limited-time discounted price of $100 for founding members. Her Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity Course launches this week, and more will be added each month.

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