Purpose 155: Banning Liebscher: Founder and Pastor of Jesus Culture

Sometimes the most interesting journeys are those we never really aspire to follow. As a young and newly surrendered Christian, my guest only wanted to travel and preach, and he never thought youth pastor or lead pastor would be what he wanted to do. Fast forward to now, when Banning Liebscher is the founder and pastor of Jesus Culture in Sacramento, CA, along with his most demanding roles of husband and father of three teens. He has a heart for the younger generation to encounter God on their campuses and cities so they can be revivalists in our world. When Banning fully committed to God’s call, he spent 10 years as a youth pastor, falling in love with young people and the local church. He was on a fast-moving journey that he never expected or prepared for, and his dependency was on God alone. Banning says his secret was to find people who were further down the road than he was. Along the way, he has learned the importance of learning to lead a diverse group of people with understanding, conflict management, and communication skills. In our conversation, Banning discusses his book, Rooted, which focuses on how God wants to grow and develop us as His children. He wraps up with his best advice about learning healthy habits and breaking unhealthy patterns in our lives..


Jesus Culture

Find Banning on social media: @thebanning

Rooted by Banning Liebscher

Brave Communication by Dan Farrelly

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