Purpose 141: Turning Your Mess into a Masterpiece with Greg Hendricks

From overseas professional basketball player to full-time pastor at The Rock Church in San Diego, this mentor and motivational speaker travels extensively around the world, letting his “God-brilliance” shine forth. Greg Hendricks describes himself as a man who loves God, loves his family, and loves connecting people with what God wants to do so they can thrive on their journeys. Greg grew up without a father, being raised by a single mom, but had an early awareness of God, even though church was not part of his life. He found sports, secured a college scholarship, and lived the typical “party” lifestyle until he met his wife—after praying to God to send her his way. A shift occurred when Greg met the Lord and submitted to His plan, even though being a pastor wasn’t anywhere on his radar. In today’s show, Greg shares what he has learned about being obedient, faithful, exploring God, and finding His goodness. He explains how he is learning to pursue God, helping people grasp their identity in Christ, and watching God “turn their messes into masterpieces.” Greg says, “Be passionate about the journey, because that’s where the gold is!” Join us for more about Greg’s inspiring story of God’s mercy and grace at work!


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