Purpose 142: Allowing God’s Plan to Unfold with Rev. George Lamb

Today’s conversation is with a true “kingdom advancer,” a man who is fully devoted to what God has called him to in this life. Rev. George Lamb is Founder and Executive Director of Millennium Man Ministries and President/CEO of the Faith Advisory Council for Community Transformation; along with those positions, he has his hands in the work of numerous other ministries to further the kingdom of God. From inner city NY, growing up with poor role models and a cultural mindset that didn’t honor the correct values, George has been elevated to many places of service as God has paved the way for him. He says it comes down to obedience and availability because these are the qualities that God looks for in people He wants to use. George shares the way the Holy Spirit orchestrated and commandeered his life, back when he was a construction worker who lived a party lifestyle—it was one fateful night at church with his mother when George’s life was changed. God has put him in places the world would say he’s not qualified for, but he is helping effect cultural change on a governmental level and helping the church fit into the “cultural clash” occurring in America today. Join us to hear more from George and how he commits daily to “letting my hands be used by the King.”


Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men by Myles Munroe

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2 Responses to “Purpose 142: Allowing God’s Plan to Unfold with Rev. George Lamb”

By Dr.Don Martin - 20 March 2019 Reply

Praise God for You my Brother
Very honor to know you.

By Ellis White Sr. - 25 March 2019 Reply

Congratulations on your work , I am proud of you.

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