Purpose 140: The Hospitable Leader with Terry A. Smith

We’re talking leadership today with an expert, Terry A. Smith, the lead pastor at The Life Christian Church in the metro NYC area. In 27 years as pastor of this diverse church, Terry has seen the congregation grow from 54 people to several thousands. Terry shares how he battled pride, cockiness, and selfishness in his early ministry, even coming to the point of seeing the death of his dream and personal ambitions. He laid these at the feet of Jesus, only to see them resurrected with a clear and compelling calling to the people of NYC. His book, The Hospitable Leader, explains how leaders can create an environment where people flourish. Terry shares his “5 Welcomes,” how to find your area of destiny, and why we should NOT be telling kids that they can grow up to be anything they want to be. Terry teaches us how to find the “sweet spot” of our life, the area of destiny, and “explore all the possibility there.”Join me for more inspirational leadership advice from Terry!


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