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Purpose 91: Using a Disability and Hardship to Fulfill God’s Calling with Nick Vujicic

We are told that our purpose is to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus on earth. Today, I am chatting with a guy who has taken that calling to heart…even though he has neither hands nor feet. No, you did not read that wrong! Nick Vujicic was born disabled, but rather than letting that define or ruin his life, he praises God every day for the incredible speaking platform he has been given as a result.

Fit 05: Unconventional Ways to Transform Your Health

In this episode of Are You Real Fit, Kasey Fuller talks with Dr. Freeborn Mondello about transforming your health. Dr. Mondello shares tom unconventional advice that can dramatically improve your health. Dr. Mondello is a lifelong learner who has completed extensive specialized post doctoral training with a focus on developing the skill sets to achieve the best outcomes in the country

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Government 4 – USGLC Chairman Dr. Reuben Egolf

The level of influence you can achieve at the top of the government mountain can shape nations. God wants to bring his government to earth, and we know he is using gifted individuals to do that. Today, I am speaking with Dr. Reuben Egolf, Chairman of the United States Global Leadership Council. If anyone embodies what it means to be a Kingdom Statesman, it’s Reuben.

Linked 07: Go: It’s Not Where, But How

Last week we talked about how to “go” to your city. We’re city takers, remember, so how are we taking our city? By the art of giving. And what are we giving? We are giving love. In this continuing study on Luke 10, we are going to learn today how to give to our city.

Luke 10 is filled with practical acts that we can do for our cities, in love. It’s also a good time for me to remind you to go back and listen to an earlier episode of Are You Real Linked, where I had guests George and Sarah Williams of City Light Church in Toledo, OH on the show. They have completely given their lives for the sake of going to their city.

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There are 6 categories of “Go”:

  • Reconciliation
  • Deliverance
  • Miracles
  • Faith
  • Your Calling or Destiny
  • Healing

Show Highlights:

  • The “go” we are talking about isn’t going on a journey.
  • This “go” means to literally lead under. Who are we leading under? We are leading under the Holy Spirit.
  • To “Go” – it’s an action verb, so it requires action on the part of the sender.
  • Jesus was clear about going and doing very practical things for our fellow city dwellers.
  • This word “go” – always references a Divine partnership with the Holy Spirit.
  • There are 2 components to Linked – prayer and support
  • We are linking to the Spirit to engage in our community.
  • Matthew 20 parallels Luke 10.
  • Vineyard = kingdom

Jesus talked in parables. He gave us practical steps that are parallel to what he mentioned in the parable. Maybe he really wants us to put everything on the altar and be willing to sacrifice it for him.

This “go” mindset forms in the spiritual and then extends into the natural.

We have to have a kingdom mindset and be linked in the spirit and then we link with others to do good works so that others can be drawn to the spirit as well.


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