87: Finding Confidence in Yourself Through Your Confidence in God with Natalie Schlabs

Sometimes, the next step we need to take to achieve our dreams becomes clear, but it’s not so much as a step as it is a leap. Taking those big leaps of faith takes a lot of confidence, but what happens when you start losing confidence in yourself and what God has in store for your life? Small steps after a huge leap can go a long way towards building confidence, and that is why I have my cousin Natalie Schlabs on the show today.

I’ve known Natalie for almost her entire life, and it’s been an incredible one so far. She’s a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, TN with talents and gifts in so many different avenues of creativity. Natalie is an incredible cook, a loving friend and wife, and an incredible musician. Despite all of these gifts, Natalie, like many of us, struggled to build up her confidence when she took a leap of faith and first moved to Nashville. Though she was confident it was the right move to make, Natalie was met with many challenges once she arrived.

The Nashville music scene is filled to bursting with incredible musicians. Natalie shares why it is so easy to play the comparison game, and how that rattled her confidence in writing music. Her story is filled with small, easy steps that you can take to start living our your calling. To all the young people out there feeling afraid to take a leap of faith, I think Natalie’s story is going to resonate with you. We have much to learn from her faithfulness in spite of fear!

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“God is endless! There’s no limit to his creativity.”

More in this episode:

  • Hear how to get exclusive access to the Beta Test of our new E-Course for $97, a $297 value!
  • Natalie shares her heart and her passion for music and food blogging.
  • Psalm [31:14]-15 and a quote by NT Wright have been instrumental for Natalie in her current season.
  • Fighting pride and celebrating gifts.
  • Natalie explores why she decided to move to Nashville and pursue music.
  • Hear how Natalie fought to be confident while taking a huge step of faith.
  • Natalie shares why her love of people has been a huge asset in her industry.
  • Learn how to stay connected with all the cool things Natalie is doing.


Natalie Online: Natalie Schlabs

Instagram @NatalieSchlabs

You Are What You Love by James K. A. Smith

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