Fit 03: 6 Basic Things You Need to Know About Nutrition

Why Proper Nutrition is Important for You

We all know that a balanced nutrition is an important building block for a healthy lifestyle, and if you are looking to make some small changes, this is the episode for you! I want to arm you with knowledge today that will help you make small changes to make a big impact on your wellness. Beyond that, I will also explain why these healthy habits are nutritious.

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There are so many simple solutions out there that will make a huge difference in how you feel. We’ll break down each group of nutrients that you need, and what purposes they serve in the body. I’ll also share my perspective on certain fad diets, share my biggest advice I give my clients, and get you started on your nutrition journey. Go ahead and grab a glass of water, and sit down with this podcast. It’s a small step you can take towards a healthy, energetic, and fulfilling lifestyle.

More in this episode:

  • Water is important overall.
  • Good nutrition is the building blocks for healthy muscles.
  • Muscle training is important for toning.
  • Discover what protein does for your body.
  • Carbs are not always the enemy.
  • My perspectives on the “Keto” diet.
  • Fats are not the enemy either!
  • Keep a food log.
  • Give your body time to rest.

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