87: Are You Real Government Launch with Dubb Alexander

Roar Nation, I am beyond ready to introduce you to the host of Are You Real: Government. If you’ve been with us a while, you have already been introduced to Dubb Alexander. I am consistently amazed by Dubb’s integrity and ability to disciple a lot of people. Currently, he is doing great work with Living Life By Design, as well as being a spiritual advisor to the most influential people in the world. In particular, Dubb has been called to advise and lead within government spheres, so who better to speak on the Kingdom as it is in our government than Dubb?

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I guarantee that you have never heard someone talk about the Kingdom from this perspective before. Dubb is going to show us how we can participate in self-government in a way that proclaims the name of Jesus and changes our world. Hear all about Dubb, his plans for the show, and some of his best stories and memories as we dive in together. You have a lot of good, solid Truth coming your way.

“The Kingdom has turned into a catchphrase, but no one can tell you what it actually is.”

More in this episode:

  • Dubb tells us what his vision for Are You Real: Government is going to be about.
  • We want to give clarity to principles on the kingdom to self-governance.
  • Dubb is most excited to share how we can be ambassadors in the government.
  • The Kingdom will be life-changing.
  • This show will help bring renewal to your mind.
  • You will walk away encouraged and equipped.
  • Letting it be in 2018!
  • Writing down and decreeing truth over ourselves is a part of God’s government.
  • Hear Dubb’s crazy road trip while traveling in Uganda.

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