201: Preparing for Inner Healing & Deliverance with Kasey Fuller, Cher Butler & Ruthie Dickie

Today’s topic is an important one for every believer. We need inner healing and deliverance through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. How do we prepare our hearts for the inner healing and deliverance that we need? Kasey, Cher, and Ruthie Dickey explore this subject together and give their advice.

Cher begins by explaining how Bound No More Ministries started in 2021 as an outgrowth of I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries. She and her mother, Ruthie Dickey, began this ministry with a vision of mass deliverance and inner healing. Ruthie explains why our mindset needs to change regarding inner healing, what it means, and how it comes into our lives. You’ll learn why forgiveness is an important first step to prepare for inner healing, and why we have to release guilt, shame, and a victim mentality as part of forgiveness. Harboring unforgiveness opens the door for demonic power, including fear and anxiety, when the Lord wants us to feel whole and at peace. 

The ladies discuss the difference between inner healing and deliverance, describing inner healing as “spiritual heart surgery” because it deals with the soul and issues of the heart. There are warning signs that you are in need of inner healing that can come in the form of your spirit, relationships, and harmful patterns. Ruthie shares the steps to prepare for inner healing and deliverance and offers an admonition for listeners to consecrate themselves with humility before the Lord. Cher wraps up with a prayer to release blessings on our listeners, and Kasey explains why Luke 10:19 is our scripture to stand on today. 



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