197: Properly Stewarding Relationships with Kasey Fuller & Cher Butler

How are your relationships? The relationships we have with others form the backbone of our lives, both at home and at work. We talk a lot about the “Fuller Five” in our lives: faith, family, fitness, fun, and finances, and this topic of relationships fits perfectly into that structure. We are focusing the podcast on these important areas in which we all want to grow and learn more so we can properly steward the things God has placed in our lives. Today’s show covers ways we can cultivate and guard our most important relationships to be better spouses, parents, friends, and coworkers. I’m excited to be joined again by Cher Butler for this conversation!

The marriage relationship is the most important one we can have in this earthly life. Kasey and Cher discuss the importance of walking with love and respect with your spouse, always looking to “outserve” each other, along with keeping an attitude of teamwork to help the family flourish and grow. Because we have a spiritual enemy who is out to destroy marriages, it’s important to keep dating your spouse–always! Even for those in ministry, keeping a “family first” mentality will form a solid foundation for your life and work. 

God loans our children to us, and we must have balance in our parenting techniques. We offer our kids solutions to life’s challenges as they grow up, and things change drastically when they become adults. Cher describes how she and her husband are parenting through the adolescent and teenage years, and Kasey shares how she partners with God in prayer to stand on His scriptural promises in surrendering her adult children to His care–and standing on His promises.  

With other family members, we have to remember that boundaries are sometimes necessary to guard our hearts and mental health from toxic relationships. In friendships, we should evaluate our inner circle and ask God, “How can I be your hands and feet to the people you’ve placed in my inner circle?” To have good workplace relationships, we should strive to honor each other and focus on a teamwork mindset that holds space for everyone’s strengths to shine. 



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