198: Setting Boundaries with Kasey Fuller & Cher Butler

In our previous episode, we discussed the importance of stewarding the relationships in our lives. Part of healthy relationships is in setting boundaries, and that’s our focus for today’s show. A boundary is defined as a line that marks the limits of an area or a dividing line. Boundaries aren’t always easy to set and maintain, but they are important and God-ordained. Join us for the conversation with Kasey and Cher.

Most of the boundaries we set are learned through trial and error, and they are Biblical. Even Jesus set boundaries in His earthly life! Kasey and Cher discuss how a lack of boundaries can destroy your life, hurt your marriage, and negatively affect your children. In a marriage, boundaries must be established to protect mutual trust, security, and honesty. Each couple has to navigate around their unique issues and be sensitive to one another in setting boundaries that honor the needs of both husband and wife. Those in Christian ministry work usually find it difficult to set and maintain boundaries, but they are necessary. None of us are perfect in this work of setting boundaries, so when boundaries in relationships are broken, grace and open communication are essential to restore trust. 

We need boundaries in our friendships, making sure to prioritize and protect our marriages,  families, and relationship to God. Setting personal boundaries regarding the places we go, what we watch, and what we listen to are vital in maintaining our relationship to God. We must be careful about what we take into our minds and hearts so as not to give the enemy a foothold in our lives. Kasey and Cher wrap up today’s discussion with prayers for new hope, restoration, and realignment with boundaries that set us on the path of God’s direction and purpose in our lives. 


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