196: Navigating Times Of Transition with Kasey Fuller and Cher Butler

Are you in a time of transition? Today’s show takes a closer look at how life, leadership, and ministry bring these seasons and how we can navigate them with grace and strength. Kasey Fuller is joined by Cher Butler, a ministry partner who has appeared on previous episodes of the podcast.

Cher is the president of I Will Not Keep Silent (IWNKS) Ministries, a nonprofit ministry focused on inner healing and deliverance through classes, revivals, preaching, and speaking. Cher and IWNKS have exciting upcoming classes for churches and communities in their mentoring and discipleship mission, and Cher will be joining R U Real with special series episodes and helping us with hosting duties. Welcome to Cher!

Today’s discussion is about those times of transition that can be good, exciting, and challenging–all at the same time. Cher explains that a transition is simply a time of change, or realignment, and what the signs are of those transitions. God speaks through different means to give us confirmation when we walk through transitions, even though those times may feel like rejection and discomfort.

Kasey and Cher discuss some scriptural examples of people who navigated difficult transitions, like Joseph and Peter. We must realize that, within God’s plan, times will come when He moves us to accomplish His purpose and will. Cher says, “The prophetic destiny of your life is still going to come to pass, even if it doesn’t look the way you thought it would.” Character-building events come in the seasons of transition so we can step with confidence into the places God calls us.


Find out more about Cher’s ministry and upcoming I Will Not Keep Silent classes and events:

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