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Purpose 184: Finding Your Authentic Voice with Jon Fuller

On today’s episode, Jon steps into the role of public speaker and addresses his audience on the subjects of intentionality and goal-setting. He will be sharing seven premises with you: 1) finding your authentic voice; 2) believe in what you’re doing; 3) define your end-game; 4) go all in; 5) don’t let others define you; 6) learn quick and adapt; and 7) make it a habit and make it count.

Author Mark Batterson on Hearing God’s Voice

We’re all familiar with the quotidian voices that inhabit our lives. More often than not, it’s difficult to decipher which voice is God’s and which is our own. It’s so easy to misinterpret the direction in which we are intended to follow, and what we’ve created as our own direction. In Mark Batterson’s new book, The Whisper: How to Hear Gods voice, he covers the seven languages of God and how to identify between his voice and your own.

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