Purpose 184: Finding Your Authentic Voice with Jon Fuller

On today’s episode, Jon steps into the role of public speaker and addresses his audience on the subjects of intentionality and goal-setting. He will be sharing seven premises with you: 1) finding your authentic voice; 2) believe in what you’re doing; 3) define your end-game; 4) go all in; 5) don’t let others define you; 6) learn quick and adapt; and 7) make it a habit and make it count.

Listen in to his inspiring and thought-provoking discourse based on his life experiences and consider how his encouragement might be applied to your own life. And always remember, you have value!

As owner of New Life Homes, Jon likens the thousands of kitchen remodels he’s done over the years to the subject of his first book, D.I.Y. Remodel Your Life.

His second book, Speaking God’s Frequency, is set to release March 30th.


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