Purpose 183: Overcoming Failure with Jon Fuller & Jim Oliver

Tables are turning for this episode of Are You Real, where Jon was recently interviewed by Jim Oliver from Breakaway Wealth!

Jim was recently a guest of Jon’s, so if you missed that show, the link has been provided here for your listening convenience.

Jon and Jim talk about overcoming failure, what failure and success in business look like as a Christian, and what we can expect when we align our lives with God.

You’ll get a sneak peek at Jon’s new book, Speaking God’s Frequency, set to be released on March 30th. It’s about how when we connect with God and speak the things that He’s saying, it accelerates our family life and business and we’re able to receive that blessing into our lives.

You don’t want to miss this!


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Jim Oliver’s Breakaway Wealth Podcast

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Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure by Brandon Webb and John David Mann

Destined to Win by Kris Vallotton

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