Purpose 152: Living a Spirit Led Life With Patrick And Lauren Nelson

How often do the needs of orphaned children around the world come to your mind? Patrick and Lauren Nelson are dedicating their lives to the needs of these orphans by rescuing them from sex trafficking and helping them with trauma and healing. As the parents of two young sons, the Nelsons live in Dallas but travel to Haiti several times each year through work with their non-profit, I’m Me, which began in 2012. In this episode, Patrick and Lauren explain how the seed of compassion for Haiti was first planted, and how they felt God’s calling as an “assignment” for their lives. They explain the differences they see in people’s lives when Jesus is encountered and how they are challenging the Enemy’s stronghold over the country of Haiti and its people. The Nelsons share how they’ve learned humility through the trying circumstances of hitting rock bottom and finally handing everything over to the Lord. Patrick and Lauren tell about the coffee business and leather goods that they are using to help the kids in Haiti, and how you can get involved and help support their endeavors. The Nelsons wrap up our conversation by giving their advice about facing trials, obstacles, and having really big dreams in your work for Jesus.


I’m Me

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