Purpose 137: Moving From Where You Are To The Life You Want with John Hinkle

Today I’m introducing you to author, speaker, and personal growth coach, John Hinkle. Since age 16, John has claimed Psalm 1:1-3 as the scripture he tries to live by and what he models his life after. He rode the corporate merry-go-round for 30 years, chasing after what he thought was prosperity. It took an intense business loss to awaken his faith, birth his mission, and light his fire for ministry. John developed his SHIFT principles, and we are the fortunate ones to be able to learn as he unpacks those concepts for us in today’s show. John’s passion is working with men ages 40-60 who may have lost their purpose in the craziness of life. He helps them achieve what they’ve always dreamed of, and he teaches them to have “2nd half purpose” as they navigate the changes that are inevitable in life. John explains how to have a WHO to your WHY as you realign your purpose, how to take ownership and live life on your own terms, and why it’s NEVER too late to be exactly the man that God wants you to be. You’re in for a treat as you listen and learn from John today!


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SHIFT: Moving from where you are to the life you want by Russell Lake and John Hinkle



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