Purpose 136: Activating Christians to Change the World with Robby Dawkins

Today’s guest is Robby Dawkins. I met Robby through Michael McIntyre, who has introduced me to so many great people. Robby is a 5th generation Pastor who has ministered in over 58 nations. He’s been in some pretty scary environments that are hostile to Christians. The focus of today’s conversation is Robby’s quest to live out the book of Acts. There are so many ways that Christians can be activated to literally change and impact the world for Christ. As we struggle to figure out what our purpose is, we can take comfort in knowing that in following the example of Christ, everything else after that will fall into place. We don’t have to wrestle with it. We don’t have to struggle with it. We are promised it will happen. Seek yet first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you!

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