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Purpose 133: Vision For The New Year


On this episode of Are You Real Purpose Jon and Kasey revisit the year, and talk about the ups and downs of 2018. They go into depth about the challenges that they faced, and how they had to work through certain trials and circumstances in order to come into alignment with what God has next for them. Going into 2019, they talk about the words God has given them, vision, goals, and how you can be ready to face the year ahead with success! This is a great topic to reflect on, and it will help you as you are preparing for that is ahead in your life as well!


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Purpose 132: Kingdom Business with Jack Smith


On episode 132 of Are You Real Purpose we talk to Jack Smith. Jack is a kingdom minded business man who lives in Santa Barbara, CA. He grew u in Northern CA, and did know one Christian as a young man. As a result, he ran wild at a young age. At the age of 23, he was given a large mortgage business to run, and says it was a failure from the beginning, because of lack of knowledge and responsibility. Jack continues to share how his journey turned from hopeless to hopeful as he turned his life over to Christ, and turned everything around. You don’t want to miss this inspiring interview!


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Purpose 131: Mindful Silence with Phileena Huertz


On Episode 131 of Are You Real purpose we talk to Phileena Huertz. Phileena grew up as a pastor’s daughter, graduated college, and joined a non-profit group for 20 years along with her husband, Chris Huertz. During this time she worked alongside others, and did intense social justice work. Phileena explains what it means to have a daily contemplative practice, and the importance of that. She says there are things we must “unlearn to know.” This is a very thought provoking, and inspiring episode you don’t want to miss!


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Mindful Silence By: Phileena Huertz

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Purpose 129: Living A Life Of Purpose with Alex McElroy


Pastor Alex McElroy is this weeks guest on Are You Real. Alex says his purpose in life is to help people discover and walk in their God given purpose. He says everyone faces obstacles when it comes to walking in your purpose, and we all have to figure out what we are going to do when those obstacles come. We can turn and walk away, give up, pursue something else, but all of these things are being disobedient to the specific call God has placed on your life if you give up. “Only the creator can tell you what was in His mind when He created you” says McElroy. He also says that he would rather fail at something he loves than succeed at something he hates. This is a practical episode that will inspire you to want to live out your God given purpose!



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Blueprint For Bible Basics By: Alex McElroy and John Hannah


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