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Purpose 120: Balancing Business and Life with Pedro Limas

On this episode of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Pedro Limas who is a successful business owner, husband, and father. He opens up about the up’s and downs of business, and family. Pedro talks about his faith and how it has helped him through many trials, and his journey from stepping out of a “safe haven” big corporation, and becoming an entrepreneur

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Purpose 119: Tips To Avoiding Burnout with Carey Nieuwhof



In this interview with Carey Nieuwhof talks about his journey from lawyer to full time ministry, and his powerful story to ministry burnout. Carey was on the edge of suicide and shares with us his experience and talks about his new book Didn’t See It Coming. In his book, he discusses the 11 warning signs of burn out that we can all avoid. He talks about the 7 challenges we could all face at some point in our lives, and how we overcome or even possibly avoid them all together. Carey is now a pastor, speaker, writer, podcaster who shares his message so others can avoid these pitfalls in life! You don’t want to miss this episode!




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Didn’t See It Coming By Carey Nieuwhof


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Purpose 118: Success Without Striving

On today’s episode of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Roger Thompson. Roger talks about his journey from being what the world would consider successful and living the dream, but then realizing that he wasn’t truly content, and happy with the direction his life was headed. Roger says he was chasing success, and his life was full, but his heart was empty. Not only was this lifestyle taking a toll on him it was also taking a toll on his kids, and family as a whole. This is what put Roger on the path to figure out what truly brought him joy. In this interview he shares his journey, and this is why he wrote a book called We Stood Upon Stars that was recently released. This episode will inspire and challenge you to live simple.



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We Stood Upon Stars By: Roger W. Thompson

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