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Purpose 128: Living in Abundance with Michael McIntyre


On episode 128 of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Michael McIntyre. Michael is Are You Real Business contributor, and joins us on this episode to talk about Project Abundance. He and his wife Stacy are launching a new crop where they are focusing on 4 aspects of life including faith, relationships, finances, and community. Michael says God wants us to be abundant, and people are hungry for the practical. In this episode we hear more about how he and his wife are bringing the practical in all these ares as well as the Holy Spirit so you can live in abundance!


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Connect with Michael McIntyre 

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Purpose 127: How To Be A Perfect Christian with Kyle Mann


On this episode of Are You Real purpose we talk to Kyle Mann, author of How To Be A Perfect Christian. Kyle is married with 3 boys, and has gone from working in construction to full time writing for The Babylon Lee. Kyle says he enjoys the creative process, but this wasn’t a career path he set out to pursue. In episode 127 we hear about how this transition happened, and talk about his new book. This comical book takes you on a journey of the realization that being a Christ follower is more that what society makes it out to be such as checking the right boxes. Ultimately, the Bee aims to encourage readers to embrace a more biblically rooted understanding of their faith and discover that God has more for them than cultural Christianity could ever offer. You don’t want to miss this episode!




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How To Be A Perfect Christian By: Babylon Lee

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Purpose 126: Purpose Through Service with Jay Lucas


On episode 126 of Are You Real Purpose we talk to Jay Lucas who finds his purpose through serving others in so many different ways. Jay is a businessman, author, leader, and philanthropist. He served as a State representative while he was in college, and has a law degree from Harvard. He is now the Chairman and Founding Partner at the Lucas Group where he specializes in the needs of private equity investors. Jay grew up in a small town and says everything isn’t always easy, but if we can look at our situation with gratitude knowing we will be in a better place for going through the challenges and can learn a lot from them. He says “there’s always something to be thankful for.”



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American Sunshine By Jay Lucas

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Purpose 125: Feels Like Heaven with Matt Dietz

On Episode 125 of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Are You Real Creatives contributor Matt Dietz. Matt talks about the process behind writing this album and the importance of identity and purpose. Matt says “We can’t help but get our identity wrapped up in the things we are passionate about, because it’s who we are.” This is an inspiring interview you won’t want to miss!



Feels Like Heaven- Matt Dietz

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Purpose 124: Kingdom Living with Brad McClendon


On episode 124 of Are You Real Purpose we welcome back Brad McClendon. We talked to Brad previously on episode 43, and heard his amazing testimony, and how God showed him He was real. On this episode we hear about the Kingdom impact Brad is having by walking in rest, and trusting God to show him what He plans to do each step of the way in ministry and life as well. Brad says “The era of family started 2 years ago. Everybody tries to make an image. God’s not going to let that happen this time. He’s going to create His image. Man is not going to be able to create this with human hands.” He says this next move of God is exciting and scary at the same time, because we can’t really control it. We dig in deep in this interview and see how the face of the church is changing, and some very practical things you can do to walk closer with God in your own life. You don’t want to miss this exciting episode!



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Connect with Brad

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