76: Freedom to be Who You Already Are with Rebekah Lyons

Do you believe that God has uniquely gifted you to bring about his glorious kingdom on earth? What’s holding you back? Whether it is fear, insecurity, mental illness, or environmental pressures, we face so many challenges on our way to discovering God’s will for our lives. Yet, His will is the thing we most long for. Today, I want to bring to you the story of someone who has faced truly difficult seasons of suffering, but came out the other end clinging to calling.

Rebekah Lyons is an author of two books, a mother to three, wife to one, and dog walker of two from Nashville. Rebekah likes to think of herself as an old soul who is always asking the big questions. She uses her gift of words to write about hardship: about becoming a first-time mom to a child with Downs Syndrome, struggling with her own mental health, inexplicable encounters with the Holy Spirit, and loving on the sick and lonely.

Rebekah’s story is one filled with ample grace and overflowing wisdom. I was lucky to get the chance to talk to her about everything and anything. She truly does have a gift for words, so be prepared for a Truth bomb or two. The good kind, I assure you!

More in this episode:

  • Rebekah openly shares how she stumbled across her meaning and struggled with her “unraveling.”
  • Speaking out against shame and other unsavory ways mental health is treated in the church.
  • The Spirit of God is working in amazing ways.
  • The difference between a life of surrender and a life of purpose.
  • Rebekah shares her perspective on the “Upside Down Kingdom.”
  • Advice for living in the present in God’s Will.

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Rebekah Lyons

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