77: Finding Your Spiritual Calling in Business with Michael McIntyre

Let’s talk business! In a special edition of the Are You Real podcast, I wanted to take a step back from our usual topic of “purpose” and dive into a different arena. If I am going to take advice from anyone, especially business advice, I would want it from someone who’s proof is undeniable. That is why I have my guest Michael McIntyre with me today. His company has made Billions in sales, so I’m inclined to believe the advice Michael has for those of us looking to steward our businesses well.

Listen this week as Michael and I discuss beginning our business on a shoestring budget, our spiritual calling in business, and other details to get your business off the ground. Whether you are starting with $100 or $10,000, Michael and I are going to share the practices and habits that have allowed our businesses to flourish. Along the way, we will show you how being successful in business and growing in your faith are one in the same. We as Christians have a huge capacity to celebrate our faith in how we conduct ourselves in the workplace. God listens when his children ask, so let’s ask God to bless our business!

“God is first in everything in my life: my marriage, my business, my family, and my church.”

More in this episode:

  • Michael shares the 30,000-foot view of his business.
  • What do you need to get started with business?
  • Setting up shop: what makes your website really stand out.
  • Bookkeeping suggestions, and
  • How can a Christian leverage their calling within their business.
  • Michael shares how he first began to put God into his business.
  • 2 Examples of what God in the workplace doesn’t
  • Our businesses do not belong to us; they belong to God.
  • Forgiveness and business.
  • What type of mentor should you be looking for?
  • There is information out there to grow in knowledge.
  • Being respectful of time.
  • 10 Things that Require 0 Talent.
  • Changing your attitude to determine your altitude.
  • How to hire out for the business aspects you aren’t the best out when you’re scrapped for cash.
  • How you can help the podcast grow.


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