75: Understanding the Languages of God with Mark Batterson

Have you ever heard the voice of God? That sounds like something we can’t touch—oh that only happens in the Old Testament! Perhaps not so much with burning bushes and pillars of light, but what about a whisper? Each of us has so much to offer the world because of the blessings and gifts that God has given us, but for many, we haven’t learned to listen for the still small whisper of God’s will and direction for our lives. Let’s stop shouting at God for answers, and start listening.

Today I am super excited because my guest is definitely a divine appointment. I have with me today Mark Batterson, a New York Times Bestselling Author, Pastor of National Community Church, and a true family man. He believes pastoring in the DC area is his real calling, but so is writing. We are pumped to dive into his new book, Whisper, as well as his journey to finding his purpose. In Whisper, Mark explains how we can understand the Languages of God to understand our place in God’s Kingdom. This is such a needed discussion in this day and age, and I know you will be blessed by the knowledge Mark has to share.

“Success is about when those who know you best respect you most.”

Show Highlights:

  • Mark shares how he truly found his calling as a minister.
  • With so many spheres of influence, we can go into a mission field by making incredible things.
  • God is the loudest voice in your life, which is how Whisper came to be.
  • Mark shares his story of first hearing God’s whisper.
  • Whisper talks about the 7 Languages of God. Mark shares how he landed on those 7.
  • Let’s talk about desires. How do we sort out our selfish ambitions and the God-given desires?
  • We talk about the incredibly fun “Goosebumps Test.”
  • What are the misconceptions about prophetic ministry? How can we combat them?

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Mark Batterson

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One Response to “75: Understanding the Languages of God with Mark Batterson”

By Valeria Bollin - 3 April 2019 Reply

I’m in my church’s lenten bible class, and Wisper is the We are using. 1 of my classmates shares her book w/me.
I Thank God for You Pastor Mark Batterson

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