73: Finding Real Christianity with Brian Zahnd

When you picture God, who do you think of? For many, God is like an all-powerful Gandalf figure ready to pass judgment with a wave of his magic staff.  God is either an Old Testament God of justice, or an uncaring, distant figure. Since many people in our culture today have such a skewed perspective on God’s character, I wanted to reach out to a professional on the subject to see what wisdom he might have to bring to the table.

Meet Pastor Brian Zahnd of the Word Of Life Church, a member of the Jesus Movement and author of six books. Brian made a change at 45 where he came out of “pop Christianity” and into a more authentic faith. He returned to the Church Fathers, to philosophy, and to his passion for Jesus. Brain went on a long fast and then read as much as he possibly could about Christianity. Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God is Brain’s newest book, and today we wanted to pick apart why he wrote it, and how it can change your life.

God is a loving Father! Take that encouragement and run with it today.

 “Jesus warrants a better Christianity than what I’m seeing.”

More in this episode:

  • Brian’s journey to a real, authentic personal faith.
  • Brian shares the books and writers that helped him change his perspective.
  • The moment in Brian’s life that changed everything.
  • What is our problem with hell? What can we do to change it?
  • Examples of Scripture where sacrifice, forgiveness, and love come together.
  • We are all on a journey to discover the true living God.
  • How do you view your heavenly Father?
  • The future for the church in America.


Connect with Brian online: Brian Zahnd

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