72: Even God Loves a Bad Christian with Matt Carter

What are some things you struggle with in life? Do you have them in your mind? Now, would you be able to tell people about those struggles? Many people will say no, a few will say yes. Today, our guest Matt Carter, member of the post-punk/hardcore band Emery and host of The BadChristian Podcast, will be talking with your very own Jon Fuller about this sensitive topic, among other things. Listen to this episode of Are You Real to learn more about Matt and hear what he has to say about many topics.

You have to be able to embrace people, no matter what – Matt Carter

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What led Matt to start his podcast
  • Where Matt got the idea to name his podcast BadChristian
  • How Christianity can sometimes look/be “fake”
  • Challenges that God has brought Matt through in his life
  • Matt’s biggest strengths and weaknesses
  • What Matt feels God has in store for him
  • How Matt genuinely loves people
  • What advice Matt would give his younger self
  • Advice to you from Matt



Are You Real

Bad Christian

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