19: Using Your Finances to Fulfill Your Purpose with Ed Harris


Ed Harris has worked in the financial industry for over a 14 years. He is passionate about equipping people with the wisdom and knowledge to manage their wealth, fulfill their unique God-given purpose, and advance the kingdom of God. Ed is an advisor, mentor, speaker, and the author of Mountain Climbing Money


Listen to the episode as Ed discusses:

  • Why you may never find God’s ATM
  • Jesus taught productivity – learn about it
  • What it truly means to be “about My Father’s business”
  • How he was shown patience, love and understanding by another
  • The loss of his brother when Ed was only 8 years old
  • Why he had a hard time as a child
  • The example Jesus set for dealing with people
  • Why it’s even hard as a Christian to see other Christians disenfranchised by the church
  • The illustration of the bull eye and sin
  • Personal responsibility and emotional intelligence
  • Sin = missing the mark
  • Jesus hit the bullseye, and THEN the masses came

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Recommended Books:


Start with Why – Simon Sinek


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