18: How to Find Your Right Lane in Life with Lane Ethridge


Lane Ethridge is a National Bestselling author, an international business owner, speaker and trainer, and successful entrepreneur. Life is not about what you accomplish while you live but how you live in your accomplishments. Life is about following your passions and utilizing your God-given gifts and talents for the benefits of others. Become the ultimate person you can so you can help others reach their ultimate potential.


As the CEO of Changing Lanes International, Lane contributes to helping people give back, think and live bigger, grow as a person and a leader and create a legacy that will impact many generations.


There comes a time in life for a Lane Change and your time is now.

The destination on the road to success is yours to create.

Changing lanes is the road trip of a lifetime! Don’t let life pass you by. Bypass the good life on the way to your best life.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Lane wants to use his gift of teaching
  • His personal experience with “ask, seek, knock”
  • How Lane left his teaching career to do what he is doing now
  • How to let the Holy Spirit guide you to the right lane
  • All the things Lane did, before he found the right thing for him
  • How to accelerate when you don’t have the skill set
  • The trifecta – Skills, Action, Motivation
  • Basic foundational principles to succeed
  • The “hand in the sand” principle – what it is and why it matters
  • The bug splat learning lesson
  • Lane’s biggest strengths and gifts
  • Why Lane’s been called a con artist
  • How weakness can come when you operate in your strengths
  • Ways that Lane shares his faith in his life and work


Lane’s Books:


Changing Lanes



Connect with Lane:

Cellphone – 240-401-9742 – send him a text and schedule a 15 minute consultation

Recommended Books:

The Freedom Journal – John Lee Dumas

Tribes – Seth Godin

Download Lane’s book recommendation “Tribes” by Seth Godlin for FREE on Audible.

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