160: Core 52 with Pastor Mark Moore

Did you know that God provides us with a recipe for happiness in Psalm 1:1-3? This happiness provides us with a steady supply of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. You see, God created us with an addiction to these neurotransmitters, and His Word encourages the specific behaviors and healthy habits that replicate, create, and sustain the addiction that God put into us at Creation. Every addiction that is the enemy destroying God’s good creation causes us to need more and more of a bad habit to create less and less of a good feeling. But the healthy habits that God created for us to have, bring life to us and those around us. Connecting with the right people, discovering the right things, and creating the right productivity in your life will to happiness.

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s special guest, Pastor, and Author Mark Moore. We discuss happiness, his new book, building a church, the one thing that men will not come out and say, how to help your spouse win, and so much more. Please join us for this episode of “Are You Real”!

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Are You Real

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Connect with Mark:

Book: Core52

Website: Mark Moore

Like him on Facebook: Mark Moore

Follow him on Twitter: @markmoore330

Instagram: markmoore330

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