159: Working Through Betrayal Trauma with Jay and Lori Pyatt

Pornography, drug abuse, lying, and financial deceit. What do these things have in common? They are all forms of betrayal. Today’s guests, Jay, and Lori Pyatt are Certified Relationship Mentors, who help couples after betrayal. Jay and Lori share their very own personal experience with betrayal, redemption, and restoration concerning his long-term addiction to pornography.

Jay helps men overcome pornography addiction and other sexual sins in their lives, and teaches them how to rebuild trust in their marriages after the truth comes out. Lori works with women after betrayal of any kind, following the “Betrayal Trauma” model, which can often get women to a better life in a matter of months, rather than decades.

Jay discloses the scripture that is close to his heart, reminding him that we are all redeemable, how he learned to listen to the voice of shame from the enemy that tells us we are not, and how he and Lori learned to recognize how much grace and love that Jesus Christ has for us. Tune in to discover the new foundation they laid down to heal their marriage. You don’t want to miss this.


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Jay and Lori’s website: The Couple Cure

Jay’s story

Lori’s story

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