16: Understanding Who You Truly Are in Christ with Bill Vanderbush

Bill Vanderbush has supported Ted Dekker in the formation of The Forgotten Way since its inception. As a long-time speaker and pastor, he has given the message in The Forgotten Way a voice from the stage.

He now travels internationally, speaking about the path of Yeshua for power and peace in this life in churches, non-profit organizations, universities, and within the halls of government. You won’t want to miss this powerful conversation with Bill and I guarantee you that you will come away with a different perspective of who you are in Christ.

bill vanderbush

In this episode Bill also discusses:

  • Why you can’t access faith through the intellect
  • How God shows up in our lives, and the Father/child relationship it mimics
  • What caused Bill to rethink the dynamic of God
  • How The Forgotten Way came about and the conversations behind it
  • The impact the message that the book had on chronic conditions of those who were reading it
  • The 5 declarations of the Forgotten Way
  • Why it’s more important that you surrender to what God believes about you
  • Why mastering the art of surrender is necessary
  • Paul’s obsession with our “in Him” identity
  • Why plans are predictable and story is not
  • Why you are here to be the home to the presence of God
  • Why God has never been confused about who you are
  • Which of the 7 Mountains God has called Bill to
  • How you can fall in love with the same person more than once

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Connect with Bill:

2 Responses to “16: Understanding Who You Truly Are in Christ with Bill Vanderbush”

By Faydra Koenig - 23 September 2016 Reply

Spectacular interview! At one point, Bill said he felt the Holy Say he should do the show and I am so glad he did! So many important points, I will definitely listen more than once to get everything out of this episode.

By Jon Fuller - 24 September 2016 Reply

Thank you Faydra! Bill brought so much Gold in this interview.

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