01: The Sound of Heaven with Matt Dietz

Matt is a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Amarillo, TX. His most recent release is Sound Of Heaven, which can be heard worldwide on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music and Spotify. You can also catch the official lyric video on YouTube. Matt is also a father of two beautiful girls. He’s a creative at heart and it shows, not only in the music he writes, but also in the homes he builds and renovates.

Listen to the show to hear Matt discuss:

  • How he started writing songs and playing music
  • The experience when he found God ministering to him, through him
  • The moment Matt picked his music back up after 8 years
  • Matt’s 7 mountains and the calling to them
  • Why it’s important for Matt to be both a King and a Priest
  • How Matt’s marriage has taught him about grace
  • Matt’s darkest days as his marriage fell apart
  • How Matt had to learn to love himself through the trials.
  • Who in Matt’s life has “fathered” him in a way he really needed
  • What God reveals in the place of The Presence translates to the rest of life

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