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Whenever I think of hard work and talent, it makes me think of college football. I was fortunate enough to play on a scholarship at a division II school. Believe me, there was talent in abundance. I saw guys from all over the nation that were bigger, faster, and better than anyone I had ever had the privilege of playing with. What was interesting is that many of the guys I had played with had been scouted by Division I schools or even came from important well-known schools but couldn’t make the grades or ACT scores to play at their school of choice. This was now their second chance to get to play at a competitive level, and hopefully still get drafted for the NFL. Over the two years I played there, there was one guy that stood out to everyone, the team star. He was a few years ahead of me and wholesale jerseys had been transferred in from a Junior College. He was well built, impressively fast, had loads of natural talent. There was no doubt he was a stand out with his natural abilities, and he even got by with hanging out on the side lines and watching us work hard most of the time. He did practice some, but never at quite the level most of us did. Personally, I had to work harder than a lot of the other men, because I was the shortest guy on the team for most of my career. I was 5’ teriyaki 6” and weighed 180 pounds as a tailback. I had my own natural abilities to help me close the Space gap and make me more competitive including; speed, strength, hard work ethic and a lot of determination. If my memory serves me correctly, our star player led our conference on yards for 1-2 years and made a name for him self in college football. His senior year he along with a few others were drafted, and there was a lot of excitement on our team. What I came to learn over the next year was very surprising. This young man led the NFL in rushing as a rookie and was doing great, except for one thing, his work ethic was zero. During his years in college he was never pushed to work hard or develop his talent to the level he was capable. Even though he was a complete stud in college and doing great as a rookie in the NFL he got cut from the team. I heard he got picked up by another team and did great again leading in rushing yards but would eventually get cut again due to no 9.11.! effort and his cheap jerseys inability to work hard. By the following year he was working on a loading dock for a beer company, not because of a lack of talent, but because of a lack of work ethic. I believe, every one of us has been given a Chillventa certain level of talent in different areas and it should be our goal to use those gifts and Post talents to go out and make a difference where God has placed us. If you know where you are gifted then do your absolute best to excel no matter how big or small you may think it is. We are all called to make a difference in our sphere of influence and are specifically called as Christians to bring a heavenly experience to earth. Whether it’s in business, education, entertainment, government, media, sports or any other area that affects society I encourage you to go out and be the change. You were created with a purpose, and with specific gifts, talents and natural abilities that no one else can specifically do quite the way you can. You are as unique as a snowflake. Maybe you look like all the others when you fall to the ground but you are an individual. Made to stand out, and make a difference in this life. For those of you who just aren’t sure what your talent is, I encourage you to pursue finding it. Find books, take a DISK test, do what ever you need to do and find cheap NFL jerseys your purpose. Ask yourself when I look back on my life in 30, 40 or 50 years from now will I be content knowing I did all I could to develop what was placed in me or will you look back and be filled with regret? There are people around you that need YOU to fulfill your purpose because of the difference you make. Find it, cultivate it, work hard at it, and change the culture around you!


To Your Success,

Jon Fuller



3 Responses to “Gifts-Talents-Hardwork- And You”

By Peggy Thomas - 6 February 2016 Reply

So much truth in this, Jon. A challenging read!

By Fred - 10 September 2016 Reply

Awesome word Jon!
There has been a major theft of identity and ethics in today’s culture. The enemy we face sometimes looks a lot like us!

By Jon Fuller - 11 September 2016 Reply

Thank you Fred. I’m on a mission to change that and impact our culture. People need the truth of who they are and share it to the world.

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