Brother to Brother – Family Testimony



Surprised to see my brother calling so early in the morning, I picked up. “Hey Man! What’s up?” I’d been praying for my whole family for three years and cheap jerseys believed God would touch them powerfully but never expected to hear what he launch was about to tell me. He had just personally experienced God’s love and power as he watched one HaCk3D of the testimony videos I posted Spiritual on Facebook showing people getting healed and transformed by God. I Gifts-Talents-Hardwork- could hear the tears Merry in his voice as he recounted it all to me. He had been into drugs for many years and had never been able to think cheap mlb jerseys clearly until that day! “ God transformed my life wholesale mlb jerseys when I watched that video,” he said of the experience. “ I instantly felt clarity and peace of mind and got completely free from drugs!” For the first time in our lives he opened up to me. Maria-Ward-Gymnasium He said he felt so loved by God and excited for this new chapter in Finding his life and asked me to help him because a cheap mlb jerseys better father and husband. I couldn’t stop smiling when he said, “I have always known you to be the real deal but now I want to be the real deal!”








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