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Are You Real, host Jon Fuller interviews inspiring men and women of faith as they share each week how they are making a difference in the seven cultural mountains. These include; Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Business, and Arts & Entertainment. I’m ready more than ever before to see a shift in our culture as others take steps to discover their gifts, and be catapulted into their destiny. You are going to hear amazing stories about how others have found their purpose and are making a difference in the world around them. I can’t wait to hear your story unfold as well!.



Purpose 131: Mindful Silence with Phileena Huertz

  On Episode 131 of Are You Real purpose we talk to Phileena Huertz. Phileena grew up as a pastor's daughter, graduated college, and joined a non-profit group for 20 years along with her husband, Chris Huertz. During this time she worked alongside others, and did intense social justice work. Phileena

130: Marcus Thane Ringler   Former pro golfer Thane Marcus Ringler gets real with us today and talks about being a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.   Connect with Marcus

Purpose 129: Living A Life Of Purpose with Alex McElroy Pastor Alex McElroy is this weeks guest on Are You Real. Alex says his purpose in life is to help people discover and walk in their God given purpose. He says everyone faces obstacles when it comes to walking in your purpose, and we all have to figure out what

Purpose 128: Living in Abundance with Michael McIntyre   On episode 128 of Are You Real Purpose we hear from Michael McIntyre. Michael is Are You Real Business contributor, and joins us on this episode to talk about Project Abundance. He and his wife Stacy are launching a new crop where they are focusing on 4 aspects of life

Purpose 127: How To Be A Perfect Christian with Kyle Mann On this episode of Are You Real purpose we talk to Kyle Mann, author of How To Be A Perfect Christian. Kyle is married with 3 boys, and has gone from working in construction to full time writing for The Babylon Lee. Kyle says he enjoys the creative process, but


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