Purpose 192: ROAR Revival with Ryan and Cher Butler

Hello, Roar Nation! It’s been a while–over a year since we have been in the studio to record again after all the madness and mayhem of COVID. We are here now, ready to re-launch the podcast with riveting discussions on marriage, family, business, and more! 

We are thrilled to welcome to the studio Cher Butler and her husband, Ryan. Cher is here to share the moving story of her unusual life and to tell us about the upcoming ROAR Revival in Amarillo, Texas, where we are ready for God to show up in a mighty way. It’s coming soon on July 9, so listen in to learn more!

You’ll be touched by Cher’s story of being abandoned as a child and later adopted into an unusual family with diverse spiritual influences. As Cher grew up, she dabbled in many destructive things that could never satisfy, always seeking to prove her worth. Her personal encounter with Jesus at age 19 set her on a new path, which included an obsession with reading the Bible to learn more–and an alcohol problem. Even though it took years on the journey to be delivered from her demons, she lives now in a fired-up state, ready to see radical revival across our nation and to experience God’s great work. Visit Cher’s website to learn more about I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries. 


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