Purpose 186: Radical Change through Mentoring with Kevin Harris

On today’s episode, Jon sits down with Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring, to talk about getting men involved in the church.

A lot of men get on a career track and figure to make up for lost time at home and church later. They feel like they’re doing what they’re “supposed” to do, instead of what they’re “called” to do, but when you’re off-purpose, it’s exhausting.

Once you align your life purpose and your calling, the exhaustion will slip away and you will begin to experience radical change.

If you’re feeling stuck on the treadmill of life, you’ll want to listen in to this conversation to learn how, through mentoring, you can experience a life-change that brings you closer to God and matures you in discipleship and leadership in church.

Kevin Harris is the President of Radical Mentoring, which is an intentional, small-group mentoring process to help church pastors engage men, build a core group of leaders, and transform their churches. He’s passionate about being a resource for church leaders that have incorporated small-group mentoring into their disciple-making strategy.

Kevin and his wife live in Atlanta with their two sons.


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Books Mentioned:

The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Senseby Kevin W. McCarthy

Chazown: Discover and Pursue God’s Purpose for Your Lifeby Craig Groeschel

Mentor Like Jesus: His Radical Approach to Building the Churchby Regi Campbell

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